About the China Lake Museum Foundation (CLMF)

The CLMF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational corporation established in 1993 to support the establishment and operation of the U.S. Naval Museum of Armament and Technology.  The CLMF goal is to create a self sustaining, historical, educational, entertaining museum that shares the history of China Lake and its role in development of Naval Armament and Technology with Navy personnel, their contractors, and the public, and to nurture curiosity in science and technology to youth through its rocket scientist program and other science programs. 

What is unique about China Lake

Much of the weapon development heritage of the China Lake facility--past, present, and future--is unique and irreplaceable, and has been nationally recognized as a critical resource that has provided advanced weapon system development and support for maintaining the United States' unsurpassed military strength from World War II to the present. Since its beginning in 1943, China Lake has accomplished a long list of "Technical Firsts" in its laboratories and on its Test and Evaluation Ranges. The history of the China Lake Military Mission is unique indeed. The Museum preserves and displays many unique achievements in naval air and surface armament and technology.